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Bart Jong: I am Spanish Speaker. And I have no idea why, but I can identify almost every single language.

Artsy.rt_: When you let them in your home, and before the night ends they say it belongs to them and you are an invader.

Luiza Mello: He is a white knight and a simp

ZVI Aviation: I can spend an entire lifetime living inside this girl nose. Tachles.

Soundbite: I've been ghosted when things were going so great :(

Macie Smith: They picked the ugliest women, who cares what they think

Empty Husk: Brasileiro e portugues tao diferentes e tao iguais :)

ROUGE FACTION: I'm Brazilian and THAT didn't sound at all like Portuguese from Brazil

Boris CF: Honestly, spanish is the sexiest and most romantic of them all. That's why they didn't include it.

Nikolija Zec: As a Spanish guy I have to say that the part I feel more identified with is the Plans do not exist. Ya veremos one. Rest of them can really change depending on people and regions within Spain, but from my own experience, in most places around my country, no one, ever, has a plan

Alan Mahony: That green screen is so bad

Craig King: Is it weird that i find korean is the sexiest language ever

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Do any other graduates feel completely useless?


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Do men lose all common sense when "online"?


Am I being unreasonable?

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Older mature women nude pics

We were veterans of legion of the Georgetown bars which played bank music at least individual unceasingly a week. I hung up with Ware after agreeing we should show up again the following weekend with more of our join forces against to analyze the future of the Sunset Owl.

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  3. I can understand people being offended by some things said by comedians but in my opinion its either everything is ok, or nothing is.

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