Breast feeding and involution

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Breastmilk provides complete nutrition for an infant to 6 months of age, with the type and level of protein, carbohydrate and fat ideal for the optimal growth and development of the infant throughout that time.New research shows how a normal mechanism that helps the breast adapt to breastfeeding could lead to the accumulation of premalignant breast cells.Mother holds her baby head while he is breastfed.Mammary gland tissue changes appearance and functionality in different sequential steps.Parity associated breast cancer PABC often diagnosed within the years after a full term pregnancy.The postpartum period refers to the six to eight week period after the birth of a baby in which the body recovers from the changes caused by pregnancy and birth.

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Sure, you're hip to multiple facts about breastfeeding, but check out this fresh list of nursing perks that extend to both you AND your little one.

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Metrics details.The phenomenon of lactation involution implies a physiological process, which completes the period of breastfeeding.It also helps the mum regain her pre-pregnancy weight and decreases the risk of ovarian and breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


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