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Hot sexy wife pictures
Danilo Reis: I find it funny when the anglos can't tell which place they're from . saying this as an anglo montrealer XD

NГіra BГЎnfi: That catalonia flag was innecesary, here in spain now is a big nacional problem

Meu02136: Went out with a german girl a while back. she told me she was big on equality yet let me pay for her dinner and drinks.


Nour Bashiti: Toronto girls are fucking cunts with a bitch face.

Jan SlГЎdek: You can tell you're dating a Russian when she speaks with that kind of accent. And when she speaks Russian. And when she's constantly mentioning Russia.

TheAcidKnight: Dating doesn't mean relationship at all. It's just we don't have the system of dates. You could fuck someone repeatedly and not be with them, depends on if you guys want a relationship or not. If you don't understand french culture don't talk about it

Shadowhood100: I've met a lot of Japanese people visiting America through work. This is definitely overwrought but It does highlight the cultural dichotomy of dating. Same culture is mundane, but a different culture is automatically more interesting.

BaBiGriiN: Very accurate about Thailand's sexual views, I must say.

Beck's Fato: And hate every body

Leo R Nshung: I would love Rep Congo South Africa for your next vid! I just discovered this channel last night and I watched so many videos already! lol! I love the idea!

Terraqus: I live in Amsterdam and everytime i ask a girl for a date i send her this video so she knows what to expect kkkkk

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A hotwife is a married woman who is allowed or even encouraged by her husband to have sex with other men.

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Sindrigosa: I feel like you were trying to show what a PARISIAN GUY looks like. But Paris is NOT France

Export HD: Rules in Brazil:

Hulla Baloon: Maybe the most accurate one I have seen yet, and seriously.don't keep one waiting.

Dz Show: Often times people will ask you what do you do for a living lol

Septic Spice: I don't look like any of these assholes, so I suppose it doesn't matter to which part of the world I go. Women won't find me attractive. Ah, fuck it. I'll just stay in my basement for the next 50 years.

Cameron Lewis: Hm, Camila, hm

Trick-or-treating is another Halloween realistically that began in Ireland.

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  1. When you aren't ready for that, it's the most paaaaainful thing in the world. He felt SO bad!

  2. Interesting that you mentioned that both nature and nurture are playing a role in the forming of gender.

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Hot sexy wife pictures

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