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Tenuous ceasefire takes hold at Torkham after two days of clashes Pakistan resumes construction of gate at Torkham border, registers...

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Posted by propakpolicy in Supranational Current Affairs. For me, such words bring to mind another strong and resilient society — a certain that endures constant afflictions, tragedies, and privation. I can think of scarcely any nations that suffer more misery than Pakistan.

That happened several weeks ago. Yet, place these select incidents alongside the unending onslaught of natural act of god, insurgency, terrorism, corruption, dearth, natural resource shortage, and disease.

It is to showcase the remarkable sturdiness and resiliency with which the Pakistani society responds to it.

Monday, 24 December President Zardari's initiatives in the interest ensuring access to clean drinking o Pakistan is currently facing a growing water crisis. Practically 50 per cent of Pakistanis lacked access to antiseptic drinking water. According to estimates, douse, sanitation and hygiene-related diseases cost Pakistan's economy about Rs bn per year in terms to health cost and lost earnings, which could be avoided. The current ask for has overwhelmed the supply for a number of conditions, including the want of water-saving technology and wasteful agricultural techniques.

Lack of access to spotless and safe drinking water causes million to people's departure every year, as nearly 1. Five who succumb to diarrhoea, mainly caused by the say of untreated sea water.


Owais Muzaffar Tappi Beaten By Faryal Talpur on Doing Fraud Listen Inside Story - Free Porn Hookup

  • A senior government official on condition of anonymity said that federal government rules, as well as army rules, disallowed...
  • Owais Muzaffar Tappi was imposed on the people of Thatta. Although he was elected, he witnessed a political backlash and...
  • Posted by propakpolicy in Pakistan Politics.
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