Astrology cancer dating cancer astrology tattoos sag - Zodiac signs make for some amazing tattoo designs. Which one should you get?

Fashion trends are changing quickly more than ever and so do tattoo trends. This is something that will never go out of trend, probably because...

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Guys: Would this offend your tastes?

Tattoo designs for men based...
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Zodiac sign-based tattoo designs for men aplenty. What is that something, you ask? Celebrity tattoo artist and co-owner of BodyCanvas, Vikas Malani has the answer. He suggests you explore something a little more unique, a little more you than anything else ever will be: A bonafide vet in the ink industry, Malani has worked on quite a few celebrity skins in his year career.

So when he gives you advise on tattoo designs, you should probably listen. For those individuals who want to get inked but want to keep things on the down low, he suggests minimalistic tattoos of constellations which are associated with each star sign or just a small symbol of the star sign. What sets apart the Aquarians apart from the rest are their highly intellectual abilities. Pisceans are a water sign who are known for being gentle and are dreamers. One of the most obvious tattoo designs that they could opt for is the symbol of their zodiac sign, the fish.

Manage your newsletters To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. Women under this sign are usually homebodies, and such design is all about simplicity. Is there also a way to incorporate an intention—a goal or a wish—for your future into the design? These folks are respectful like that.

Men, on the other hand, have different characteristics that tend to rise on the surface.


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As the mercury rises and jeans and long sleeves make way for tanks and micro shorts , my streets become a walking, talking gallery of ink.

Libra ladies are also idealists. Water color tattoos can be complex thus, you need to pick your artist well. Aquarius January 20 — February 18 A tattoo design for Aquarius men, showing a mandala — a symbol of the universe.

Librans enjoy being around people and so, should look into getting symmetric tattoos with a best friend or family member. Something that will symbolize your positivity and passion for love and life.

Quote inks are also a great chance to give yourself a kind reminder — something we all need.

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These folks are also practical and intelligent. They know how to use their time, money, and energy well and they know if something is just not worth it. You never get tired of exploring nature and visiting natural places give you these magical unexplainable amazing feels.

Research finds that having tattoos has a big impact on your workouts. The heart of a humanitarian reigns in every Aquarian, male or female.

Pisces has been traditionally symbolised by a fish — the animal that marks the constellation for the star sign — and would make for a great tattoo design for a man. Sign up for our newsletter.

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