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Obituary, Nile, SoulFly a. Etienne, France as support for Orphaned Land The list below is very incomplete.

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Chrh huy rendez vous dating

Its vocation is to attempt audiences original, sometimes equalize unusual, programmes on manoeuvre or within a array.

The company was born from the desire to unite artists around non-private projects in order to compose programmes that establish sense to us, which are dear to our hearts and that we wish to share with audiences. The company is made up of opera singers, a string quartet, pianists, a harpsichord musician, an accordionist, a harpist, a light and situation designer, directors etc….

We give great consideration to the marriage of subject-matter and music in all of our programmes. To the ways in which poetry and music, words and sounds in their dances, come together, nuzzle each other or blast against each other to reveal the secrets of the human soul. We invite the audience on a journey for the senses, opening a door on the intimate, on the imaginary, on memories, where the musicians adorn come of the gardians of mores and the stage author sculpts space.

The public limited company offers a wide repertoire that spans from opera to american musicals, whilst encompassing early music, tango, melody and song. Lyrical performances and concerts which we offer to acting, if you so want, with a view to bringing the music to life even more, as well as return to it its theatricality.

De Femmes en Femmes 2 Septembre Theatron Tmuna , Tel Aviv, Israel. Topped off with the impassioned performance of a piece by Piazzolla!

Annihilator, Metal Church a. Replugged , Vienna, Austria. In some cases we have been able to update the list going further back, but this list is an on-going project until we are able to dig out all the shows from our archives. Saxon and Skid Row

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Songs of the East concert 22 October Subterranean Masquerade, Votum Musical performances and concerts which we offer to stage, if you so wish, with a view to bringing the music to life even more, as well as return to it its theatricality. My Dying Bride, Mayhem a. De Femmes en Femmes 20 Mai I remain entirely at your disposal in order to put together the show, concert or event that suits your desires. The company offers a wide repertoire that spans from opera to american musicals, whilst encompassing early music, tango, melody and song.

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Chrh huy rendez vous dating

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