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Masha has to be pulled, sobbing, from Vershinin's arms, but her husband willingly, compassionately and all too generously accepts her back, no questions asked. Act three takes place about a year later in Olga and Irina's room a clear sign that Natasha is taking over the household as she asked them to share rooms so that her child could have a different room.

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Tri sestry is a play by the Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov. It was written in and first performed in at the Moscow Art Theatre. The play has several important characters who are talked about frequently, but never seen onstage. These include Protopopov, head of the local Council and Natasha's lover; Vershinin's suicidal wife and two daughters; and Andrey and Natasha's children Bobik and Sofia. Act one begins with Olga the eldest sister working as a teacher in a school, but at the end of the play she is made headmistress, a promotion in which she had little interest.

Masha, the middle sister and the artist of the family she was trained as a concert pianist , is married to Feodor Ilyich Kulygin, a schoolteacher. At the time of their marriage, Masha, younger than he, was enchanted by what she took to be wisdom, but seven years later, she sees through his pedantry and his clownish attempts to compensate for the emptiness between them.

Irina, the youngest sister, is still full of expectation.

Tri sestry homosexual lyrics
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Plays by Anton Chekhov

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Tri sestry homosexual lyrics

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All the lyrics and translations to the album Lihova Skola Umeni Aneb Valka S Loky by Lihova Skola Umeni Aneb Valka S Loky Tři Sestry...