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With the entire country geographically covered under the DOTS program, research into socioeconomic impact of TB on patients and their households is crucial...

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  • None of the sera from Iran and Nicaragua were HIV-antibody...
  • RESULTS: Hypovitaminosis D (≤75 nmol/L occurred in % (75/ of et du comportement à risque pour le...
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  • Vous pouvez consulter les archives du bulletin de veille sur le site...

This was a case control study conducted in Nalgond, Telangana. With the entire country geographically covered under the DOTS program, research into socioeconomic impact of TB on patients and their households is crucial for providing comprehensive patient -friendly TB services and to document the benefits of DOTS.

Contact tracing records including the demographic profile of contacts and outcome of the contact tracing procedure from March until February were retrospectively obtained from the TB contact tracing record book. The prevalence was significantly higher in women than men Comparison of bacteriological conversion and treatment outcomes among MDR- TB patients with and without diabetes in Mexico:

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Iran ndao sur le marriage homosexual marriage

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Where in the Bible Does Jesus Forbid Homosexual Marriage? - Dating Profiles

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Iran ndao sur le marriage homosexual marriage

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