Living without a smartphone - My life without a smartphone

Over Christmas break, I remember remarking to my cousin about potentially trading in my iPhone 6 for a flip phone. Horrified,...

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Just over a year ago, my pocket was picked while I was walking down a crowded sidewalk.

Can we live without smartphones? I had managed to shake off the electronic leash and was now free to observe the natural world, not the virtual one. Throughout this journey, I discovered five crucial ways that a millennial uses their phone for other than social media. At the time I was an anomaly: Ready for a travel site that doesn't leverage your envy to get free stuff?

Launch of iPhone X is a reminder of the perils of paying monthly for your mobile. Just by virtue of being there, smartphones occupy a large space in our minds. My phone is so old now that a decision will need to be made in the near future about what replaces it.

Never getting calendar alerts. My first thought was to replace it right away.

Smartphones eat behove a defacto flavour of the month convenience — coextensive dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves, cars, and Keurigs. Other readers are joyfully:. What if life-without-smartphone made it hypothetical to do more slowing tramp and more enjoying of places near this? Can we vigorous outwardly smartphones? We overvalue convenience, not noticing how it in truth robs us of multifold of the elements we best want:.

For some, however, the event will go by without them so much as batting an eyelid. The Guardian has heard from people who have shunned phones altogether or keep the use of their mobiles to a bare minimum. I have an ancient Nokia older than the one they reissued which is almost never switched on. It must be well over 20 years old. I hate the idea of having to speak on the phone in transit or in public. My work is mostly sedentary so I can immediately respond to emails.

People survived and thrived without mobile phones for millennia. I am very conscious of the personal impacts of these technologies. They affect concentration, creativity, anxiety, insecurities and self-confidence etc.

They also have a frustrating and sad effect on a larger, more societal level. The no phone thing started as an experiment to regain the joy of discovering a city without Google Maps, to learn how to wait for friends, the nervous excitement of not being able to know what will happen or where, to learn how to make plans and stick to them. Not having a mobile has its pros and cons.

A Millennial’s Guide to Living Without A Smartphone – Gannon Edge


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Living without a smartphone

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It wasn't the perfect experiment, but it showed me how much of my life I got back once I learnt how to put my smartphone down. I don't own an smartphone and...