Religion repressed sexuality - Religious Sexual Repression and the Responsibilities of the New Pope

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As for Buddhism, it has been said that Buddha initially wouldn't allow women into Buddhism because they embody the rebirth and continual suffering of life that he was trying to get over with his eightfold path, whereby he would reach enlightenment and avoid the continual rebirths Various cultures attempt to repress homosexual sexual expression.

Child abuse Dating violence Domestic violence Elder abuse. But much of that is being eclipsed, be it fairly or otherwise, by the seemingly never-ending sexual scandals that bedevil the Church. Lust is, quite simply, much stronger than love.

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Vendees viewing this topic: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Today this is something that has often perplexed me. The repression of fleshly desires seems to be one of the main features of the Abrahamic faiths and seemingly it is additionally present in other traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism though I capability be way away in this turn out that in the event of. I was wondering if anyone has come across studies or information re this topic. Is it perhaps something biological in species that manifested itself through religion?

Is it a means of control against by religious institutions or perhaps the unfortunate permeation of the authors' psychogenic issues into scripture? As you can see, I'm degree clueless in that regard so any insights are well-received. But I suffer and have suffered with them: He whom they command Saviour put them in fetters:

Whoever the new Pope will be, he will have the chance to address the pound gorilla staring down the Catholic Church, namely the constant sexual abuse scandals. I am a Jew who wishes to see the Catholic Church flourish. I count myself fortunate to have met Pope Benedict prior to his resignation and remember his humility, graciousness, and warmth. As I travel the world I am awed by the global network of schools, orphanages, and hospitals run by the Catholic Church.

No other world body even comes close. But much of that is being eclipsed, be it fairly or otherwise, by the seemingly never-ending sexual scandals that bedevil the Church. Even in the brief interregnum between the announcement of Benedict's resignation and its taking effect, we witnessed the sudden resignation of the leader of all Britain's Catholics who confessed to a thirty-year history of abuse.

The Jewish community is likewise not averse to sexual scandal and in the New York area we recently witnessed the tragic story of a Rabbi found guilty of abusing a girl and being sentenced to years in prison. When I published Kosher Sex in , I did so not in the hope of addressing sexual repression in religion.

Precisely the opposite was true. It was to a secular, mainstream, and sexually free society that I offered a philosophy of how sex could recapture its power to induce emotional intimacy. My purpose was to demonstrate how sex is a motion that brings forth and even greater emotion and that there are specific sexual techniques, like eyes-open sex, that serve as emotional threads bonding husband and wife to one another rather than the empty physical experiences couples have today that lack both passion and intimacy.

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But where were married couples supposed to learn about sex? Violence against women shall be understood to encompass, but not be limited to, the following: Cicisbeo Concubinage Courtesan Mistress. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Global trends and determinants of prevalence, safety and acceptability" PDF.

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Religion repressed sexuality

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Of course, it's not just a question of repressing homosexuality, but of all sexuality. And religions aren't the only institutions to champion such abuse of...