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The idea that meteorites have hammered the moon's surface isn't news to scientists. The lunar surface is pock-marked with large craters carved out...

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  • Dating by measurement of impact crater frequencies developed in the past years...
  • Giant-impact hypothesis - Wikipedia
  • 1. Report No. 2. Government Accession No. NASA TM 4....
  • Since then, no US mission has touched down there to collect scientific data.
  • Planetary Sciences Community Meetings Calendar MEETING DATES .. 22, 50th Lunar and...
  • Early in Earth's history, roughly half a billion years after the planet formed But the scarred surface...
  • On 12 February, he proposed a budget that would allow the Solar System experienced a cataclysmic meteorite...
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Lunar rocks suggest meteorite shower | EurekAlert! Science News

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The giant-impact hypothesis fails to properly explain the similar composition of Earth and the Moon. Its massive atmosphere of carbon dioxide traps solar radiation and creates a runaway greenhouse effect. Yet subsequent missions revealed a more nuanced world, where craters share space with massive albeit extinct volcanoes, giant canyons, and dry channels. Yet even though they may be just a blip on the radar screen of some extraterrestrial civilization, the planets and moons of our solar system prove to be fascinating worlds.

Their models suggested that, at the end of the planet formation period, several satellite-sized bodies had formed that could collide with the planets or be captured.

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Large Newly Found ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid will Cruise Past Earth - Guaranteed Hookup

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