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Pablo Dejuan: Things like confidence is just bs. I'm confident and it does me no good. Looks are the only thing that matter to females and males. Period.

Akise Aru: The thing is, though, I'm German, Irish and British, where's my video? Hahahahahahahahaha

Dorien X: Thank you !

Sydney Britt: Her ass is flatter than your ass.

Vanessa Lee: This italian girl is so cuttttteeeee

Eva Mcsweeney: Somebody gave these guys a crash course on stats and how to summarize results of a survey.

Mac M-L: The French one is not french! it's french words but not a proper french accent!

Rick Hardt: crazy questions about the USA I often got were do i own a gun? have I been shot?

Laura A.: Venezuela's accent is the sexiest by far for me, btw I'm from Spain

Tommy Wile: And they wear earrings in one ear only?

Aakash Parmar: Eh, i lived in Germany for 3 years and my wife is german. I don't think this sums up German women.

Susana Bento: This Irish girl is damn gorgeous :P 3 XXX!

Marco Rossi: Most English women are busty with big butts


Lord Agni: You know this is all tongue in cheek sterotypes.seriously people break out your funny bones. Sheesh!

Max Powder: So she will bitch at me relentlessly and never leave me alone. Sounds great


KoЕ‚tuny: I miss mine ;(.


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Omen film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sanghorn is a Thai suspense film.
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Motylem jestem, czyli romans czterdziestolatka A year-old engineer Stefan Karwowski falls in relationship with a famous troubadour Irena Orska. The poser is that he's married and has got two children. What will he choose - his fashionable lover or his family?

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Motylem jestem czyli romans 40-latka online dating

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Dylan's Ned Kelly diorama - Clay Ned Kelly and pastels after trees.

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