El avatar korra es bisexual - Korra and Asami, lesbians? Or Bi? (ENDING SPOILERS)

Three years ago, The Legend of Korra broke barriers by giving us the first canon bisexual Nicktoons characters. And they were both women of color.

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  • Legend of Korra ended with Korra and her friend Asami walking hand that Korra...
  • Pretty much everyone who has been following the Korrasami thing will...
  • The Legend of Korra may have surprised and excited fans by revealing the relationship between Avatar Korra...
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  • The final moments of The Legend of Korra, Nickelodeon's follow-up to...

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El avatar korra es bisexual



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Are they bi despite dating Mako, or are they bi because of dating Mako? To be quite honest, I think Korra had more chemistry with Opal than with Mako. It works in mice, but they've had trouble getting it to work in humans for some reason. Point 1 to the Makorrans. Edited by Deist Zealot Because that needed to die.

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El avatar korra es bisexual

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Lizzie Vanderveen, Watched and studied Avatar the Last Airbender multiple times. Answered Apr 1, Personally, I think that Korra is bisexual. People who. Interested...