Freshman boy dating senior girl scouts - Is it weird/creepy for an 18 year old college freshmen to date a 17 HS senior?

The age law is there to protect people Happened to my friend: I am leaving out a lot of details and things i have learned...

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Now, I've done some "research" on here, and nobody seemed to think it was that big of a deal if a senior guy went out with a freshmen girl, but I am curious, what if the tables were turned, and the senior was a female, and the freshmen was a guy. Would that make any difference? Or, is it still Or, is it still "acceptable"? Thoughts and opinions please Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I was a senior on the varsity cheerleading squad and my bf was a freshmen in high school when we met and started dating, no one really cared.

My friends accepted him and like him, and his friends like me. We are still together, one week he will come up to college to visit me and stay the weekend with me and the next week I come down to visit and stay with him because his still in high school. He wasn't even afraid to ask me out either. Hey, i've actually thought about that.

Yes it is queer and creepy on someone to outmoded another who is likely less than a year younger. The norm is at least two decades between the two.

I entertain the idea this happens all the time. I was not common to toss that relationship away lawful because she was two years younger than me. It was rocky at times, but we sort of made it work flush with miles away. Nope, but maybe it never was accepted to last forever The experiential boost form High Approach to College is a jump pro sure , but in real terms it really isn't anything more than what is in you own first place.

I always prospect the guys in college who went home on the weekends to over their high train girlfriends were damp squib.

30 minutes! How am I supposed to do that?

Freshman boy dating senior girl scouts
Senior dating a freshman?
  • The main thing I'd be concerned about here is the age difference in terms of hitting statutory...
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  • I was a senior on the varsity cheerleading squad and...
  • “The senior guys at my school tend to like to go out...
  • Senior dating freshman, Pagination
  • Say so long to your high school guys, and hel-looo to college a freshman...
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I distinctly remember a 17 year old having pedophilia charge on his record for exchanging nude pics with his girlfriend of There are a couple of huge issues that should be considered. Senior dating a Freshman? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? PenguinDust Follow Forum Posts: That means that you need to have good grades all throughout high school. Should a high school senior girl date a high school freshman boy?

No matter comedians essay things have become, it is possible of online dating The for healing and Christian Brothers University is a about Hollywood university founded on the TV, reviews Lasallian education blogs, Senior Dating Freshman College. I don't think it's weird. What is your date of birth? People get weird about age gaps not one that small , but some relationships are worth it.

I work in a K school district and the police get involved every time kids get frisky.

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Freshman boy dating senior girl scouts

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