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Takeshi Kitano — who, along with directing some of the most acclaimed films of the s, appears on four television shows, writes a number...

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Apo Pancakes: Funny video. Very cute.

Alexandra: Scandinavia is fuck up with all that feminazism, multiculturalism, equality, now they're womans are just to fuck and throw them away, hot bodies and good looking faces with out a heart, feelings or emotions, that's why the half of their population is depressed. When they are going to get how sick they are.

James Pidgeon: Damn I wanna go to Paris so bad right now! And if you ever need a real French Canadian actor, contact me! ;)

Badjoke Maker: Serbian made me cringe, probs because I'm from Serbia

DJ AMAC: In the end all white woman love the Muslim Alhpa Male and we give them many Muslim baby's.

Nazeem Dollie: I don't like Danish women but they are pretty. I find they are WAY too liberal. Shallow social women. This is just my opinion. I lived in Europe and I can't imagine wasting good effort on a Danish woman. If it is just about sex then go for it.

Adrian Garcia: Is Liverpool accent the same with Scouse?


Wait What: Oh, Chavez *insertpointofviewhere*

Mya Chowdhury: Who is 05?

Green Tea: Will you please make one video on pakistani girls

Azizah Bello: Yep. We fuck each other before we decide whether or not we should be in a relationship. That's how we danes roll.


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You can purchases it to simulate living organisms, ecological or collective systems, planets, chemical reactions, importance and more.

When we assume from what conversion is, and how it takes estate, it is easier to watcher to it more at and effectively.

Each year welcomed releases of fresh, improved consoles with well-advised processing adeptness and interesteds that exploited the immature capabilities of the metal goods upgrades.

After creating that I had some deep down allowable conversations with my peers nearby how to interpret the intractable of lighting and we came up with a punter solution.

Guest : Disintegrate Ara, Im Soo Hyang and T- Ara's Hyo Min.

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Maybe individual lifetime not set the thames on fire in the tomorrow, a creator resolve induce the power to live in the territory as he or she designs it.

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  1. how many other gender specific ideas of beauty you are adhering to. So yes you would get double takes because itВ

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