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We all know the South African-born Australian Youtuber Troye Sivan , who also managed to impress the celebrities like Taylor Swift and Adele through his singing talent. The handsome and adorable Troye, broke the hearts of many ladies when he confirmed that he was gay. Though he admitted that he was involved with females too, Troye came as a gay in to his parents and the public in The actor and songwriter Troye Sivan is not only grabbing attention from the public about his work but also about his love affairs.

Well, if you are one of those fans or say, followers of Sivan, you might know this already. About a year ago, his fans went gaga about his love affair with his fellow YouTuber Connor Franta. Picture of Troye Sivan and Connor Franta together back in their dating period.

Once in , he was also linked with Jacob Bixenman as he was seen hanging out with him a couple of times. Fans were, however, pretty much convinced that they were dating. Here is one of the tweets of the fan. Well, that is all in past as both of them have moved on with their life.

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12 Reasons We’re Convinced Troye Sivan & Connor Franta Are Dating! (TRONNER) - Dating Site With Free Messaging

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Past Affairs And Relationships Of Troye Sivan: In Details

Are troye sivan and tyler oakley dating 2019 imdb

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Are troye sivan and tyler oakley dating 2019 imdb

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