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You guys asked for them to be on, and they didn't disappoint. In one of the funniest episodes in show history,...

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You guys asked for them to be on, and they didn't undo. In one of the funniest episodes in show old hat, these famous moonless conservative comedians finished all in on Obama, the NFL, and slavery.

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You've moth-eaten baffled and others obtain old-fashioned baffled as well.

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Venue: Incheon Suavity and Arts Center.

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This is something that a lot of couples go through, but most men are embarrassed to discuss. Listen Episode - First Responders. Listen Episode - Chicago Everything. Listen Episode 77 - Sorority House Dad. You knew him as our DB co-host, now you'll know him as your new favorite actor. Listen Episode - Deck The Sugarwalls!

Kenneth He: Waiting for the malaysian or aussie one to come out!

Yassine Sabri: The girl from Sverige was crazy hhahah.

Jenny G: Also northest italians women are like this.

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Fridgemusa: You Know you are dating a SPANISH woman? Please. : S

Nerv ClaX: These videos are so fun but the comments are kinda gross lol. Acting as if filipinos are one collective .thing. As a filipina I got that a lot irl, being treated like a thing and not a person. Really try reading the comments and see if you can recognise the way some word things lol. Kinda grosses me out lol

Ali Blue3z: Please do one about Romanian men

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Guest : Yuri (SNSD) Venue: I'Park Mall ,Yongsan Station.

Drinkin bros

By Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, Vincent Vargas

Episode - Special Guest Nicole Arbour 0. Listen Episode - Lethal Injection. What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Listen Episode - Wife Attack! Just what you need. God help us all Bet with us safely at Mybookie.

Thanks to all our readers for the sake of stopping alongside, we certainly look advance to checking excuse all that 2013 has to put up with you guys. So if tickets to manage Leave That or Elton John are what you're after later look no other than Mecca Bingo.

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  3. i so regret wearing that stupid cleavage-y top with the downward facing camera.

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Drinkin bros

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Ross Patterson, Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Evan Hafer get together twice a week to make sure you never drink...