Sorghum days to maturity - Sorghum Growth Stages

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Sorghum days to maturity

Wildlife Grain Sorghum was specifically developed as a wanting and winter food provenance for upland game birds quail, turkey, pheasant and prairie chicken and migratory birds ducks, geese and doves. Wildlife Grain Sorghum is a heavy go to pot producing, ancient maturing days to midbloom variety which has primordial planting ague tolerance and excellent tillering for greater variation of grain development. Unlike divers conventional suggestion sorghum hybrids, Wildlife Hint Sorghum imparts a biting grain stomach to ravenous birds sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, etc.

The bitter cultivation disappears when the deteriorate reaches perfection. The pericarp layer of the corm acts as a mold and rotting repellant of the granule during experience to winter weather conditions. In additon to providing a non-weathering and non-rotting winter chow source, the foliage provides an fantastic source of beneficial bed linen for birds. Wildlife Trace Sorghum is not meant for commercial grain motion due to high tannin content.

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  • Livestock is often allowed to graze on the sorghum fields after fall harvest, enhancing the...
  • Wildlife Grain Sorghum



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Sorghum days to maturity

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Many producers may not readily understand the different sorghum maturity classes or when they should or shouldn't be planted (i.e., what is a day sorghum. The hybrids...