Tall ship sailing holidays europe - 7 adventure sailing holidays for your bucket list

Are you looking for a vacation or cruise experience that is head and shoulders above many of the ordinary options currently...

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Apparently, more people have summited Mount Everest than joined this exclusive club. The Adriatic will take a lead role in the combination of sailing and walking that Kudu Travel ; kudutravel. Join our planned voyages. Canada might be a less obvious option for a break on water, but British specialist Le Boat ; leboat.

Follow the Winter Sun. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive content from Maybe Sailing including special offers, updates and newsletters. This lets you be master of your own ship while knowing you have safety in numbers — and that a lead boat, and help, is always nearby.

Tall Ship Cruises | Star Clippers UK

We offer fantastic Star Clippers itineraries worldwide, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the idyllic islands of the Carribean, all with exclusive offers and discounts.

Imperil sailing holidays have the ability to carry passengers to the far reaches of the world, accessing some of the best remote and magnificent scenery the world has to offer. Having recently returned from my first soaring ship sailing adventure cancelled the west coast of Scotland , and with my interest for the high seas well and truly piqued, I feel affection a look at some adventure sailing holidays I would love to verge on.

The east coast of Greenland is one of the most remote places in the world. Onward the 2,km 1,mi expanse of coastline between Tasiilaq and Scoresby Sund on the east coast of Greenland , barely 3, people carve out an existence, making it at one of the most far-off places in the epoch. This is the duchy of polar bears and narwhals. On this peregrination, a 60ft sailing yacht carrying just 12 passengers and two crew departs from Isafjordur in Iceland taking approximately 32 hours to cross the Denmark Strait before travelling southwards along the east Greenland coast.

When conditions are right there are oceans of opportunities to show landfall and explore the spectacular wilderness of Greenland. The year-old iconic big ship Europa offers a number of Antarctic escapade sailing holidays.

These iconic destinations evoke the epic journeys of discovery made by the likes of Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen. Covering over 2, seafaring miles 2,km the address visits some of the most inhospitable yet excellent open ocean. Expect icebergs, albatross and penguins, the latter in their billions. Finally, return to civilisation by crossing the execrable Drake Passage.

Iceland, Faroes and Norway A voyage in the waters of Iceland and the Faroes is not one you merely take to reach your destination but one to savour in itself; giving you time to remove yourself from those urban cobwebs and revitalise the mind.

Our small ship cruises will provide the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and, most of all, create the holiday experience of a lifetime. Not only does our wide selection of tall ship cruises include several Windjammer cruises, it but it also includes several Star Clippers cruises, including cruises aboard the Royal Clipper. Each ship has multiple swimming pools, a library, bar areas to relax and enjoy the delicious cuisine that is served daily, and Royal Clipper even has an observation lounge in which you can enjoy the passing scenery from the comfort of your chair.

The trip is designed for families with youngsters aged 11 and up, with fun in the natural mudbaths at Ilica and sightings of turtles at Iztuzu Beach.

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On board TS Blue Clipper, enjoy tall ship sailing with an edge of luxury. Join one of our tall ship sailing holidays or special interest expeditions and sail to areas of the world you had only dreamed of visiting. With many youth sail training voyages throughout the year, tall ship adventure holidays and the opportunity to take part in the International Tall Ship Races and Regatta, there is something to suit everyone.

Maybe Sailing also provides a corporate service for events such as afternoon tea, cocktail parties and private corporate sailing. Love sailing and need a holiday with adventure? Then please come and join us on one of our Tall Ships.

Picture yourself sailing on a beautiful Tall Ship, miles out to sea, with the waves crashing against the hull, no land in sight, the sun rising behind you, and your closest competitor hot on your heels.

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Tall ship sailing holidays europe

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'Hands on' sailing participation is at the core of all Classic Sailing holidays. You can become the crew on tall ships, schooners, gaff ketches, pilot cutters, luggers . Skip to main content. Classic Sailing Holidays...