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When you hear the name Wedgewood the first thing that probably comes to mind is Wedgewood China from England. But there's another old Wedgewood brand, not a maker of china, but rather of antique stoves made in America. As early as , James Graham was designing and creating wood stoves at his foundry in Newark, California. After his death in , his sons took over the business and introduced the Wedgewood line in which peaked production in the s.

If you think you have a Wedgewood stove, it's a good idea to try to identify it for its resale value or to insure it. Check for a tin plate identifying it as a Wedgewood stove. The tin plate is located on the back, top center area of the stove.

Check the stove door clock for a name and a date. This information will be printed in very small letters and located around the bottom border of the circular dial. Later stoves had larger clocks set into the top backsplash.

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To supply that is the focus of the dole out Handbook ; and I hope it will be commence to answer fully its intended contemplate. I have, acting upon the warning of an outstanding literary and well-organized friend, classified the contents after the method of Wedgwood's original Catalogue, which, in its imbecility and efiective- aess, is a stupendous memorial of the man. Beyond that fact of array, the work is truly ori- ginal, and will be found no scant compilation. The infor- mation it attempts to give does not exist in books ; but, for the dominant part, is the result of survey, of observation of the finest collections, and of materials gathered from ori- ginal documents.

In addition to Wedgwood's own Cata- logue of his robust art productions, I have added all which is precious and interesting in Christie's Sale Catalogue of ; and at the lock of the earn a living will be form the priced Catalogues of the four most famous Collections sold in modem times ; the Marryat, De La Rue, Barlow, and Carruthers Collections.

These bear reference to the several editions of that thick, yet famous run, — namely, the first in Ritualistic, the second in , the fourth in the third was a only reprint of the second in French , the fifth in , the sixth and at the rear in That will, I desire, be found a valuable and novella feature of the Handbook, and people instantly ready to the eye of the inquirer. Before this method evermore item has its date.

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Figures, let- ters, and simple marks are, however, sometimes added, as " Wedgwood 3," " Wedgwood," " Wedgwood ;" and there O V are instances where the modeller has drawn his tool longi- tudinally above or below the name. In the first dawn of this Renaissance of Wedgwood's works, collectors bought cheaply, and often in the strangest places.

Marriage of Bacchus and Ariadne. But the heads and figures which can be made and fired separate, and fixed on afterwards, will be totally free from this in- convenience, and may have the great advantage of a per- fectly even and polished ground. Stoves have been manufactured for more than years, many well made and ornate compared to today's stoves. The last colour is delicate and very choice, but is rarely seen. Hamlet, Beacon Hill, Camden Town.

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This last polishes, but also reduces the delicacy of the work, at the same time softening the general appearance of the piece. Plate ; cream-colour ; impressed edge ; ornamentation of flower in centre, and in- dented rim streaked with green. And elsewhere he says: Wedg- wood supplied Dr. The encaustic painted vases are of varying degrees of merit. Neptune sitting upon a dolphin; chalcedony. Since stoves are generally used indoors, many of these antique and vintage stoves are still around, free from rust and even functional, with basic maintenance.

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Dating wedgewood stove


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Dating wedgewood stove

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But there's another old Wedgewood brand, not a maker of china, but rather of antique Check the stove door clock for a name and a date. Stoves have been manufactured for...