Miss travel dating website - Model travels for free at the expense of older men

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Miss travel dating website
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She has sipped cocktails in the Maldives, jet-skied in Kuwait and seen Australia from the cockpit of a private aircraft. To this day the year-old beautician has scarcely had to part with a penny. Natalie signed up to a dating agency with a difference. Called MissTravel, it promises to match attractive women with wealthy but lonely men who are willing to fund their dates in exotic places.

The online matchmaking service has the slogan: Beautiful People Travel the World for Free. I dote on to tick off different countries. Most of her dates take been wealthy older businessmen who are too busy to chance love.

In the meantime Natalie is in Miami, where earlier this week she met up with a surgeon who took her for a spin in his Mustang sports car. He points out that escorts are banned from using the website, sex is never mentioned and that no money changes hands. MissTravel is definitely not Incredibly Woman with added air miles and women are advised to make it clear what costs are being met, or shared, and request separate rooms — at least to begin with.

Young women who have signed up report being inundated with offers of all-expenses paid jaunts to places such as Hawaii, St Kitts and Hong Kong — all supposedly with no strings attached.

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Miss travel dating website

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She added: “I have never spent a dime on Miss Travel. Getting Alyssa came across the travel dating website online, which connects. did not murder me), and the...