Lionel transformer hook up - Lionel Transformer Type 1032 hookup

I just bought a transformer from Ebay and it does not appear to come with the actual wires that connect to the track. I...

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  • It's been a few years since this thread was active, but I have a similar situation to the Virginians' original...
  • Since no two model railroads are exactly the same, no two model...
  • While cleaning out my late parents house we found my...
  • While cleaning out my late parents house we found my Dads lionel train...

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Lionel transformer hook up Lionel LLC

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Connecting feed wires to Lionel track - Online Hookups

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Lionel transformer hook up

Posted on by Efren Blas LEAH

I just bought a transformer from Ebay and it does not appear to come with the actual wires that connect to the track. Where would I get. The instruction booklet for setting up and...