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Tarun Sisodia: The guy from chile was adorable

Marcelle Smit: I'm Turkish and I love Greeks and language and country. And it's a lie, Turks don't hate Greeks. Well, you got nationalist boombaa's everywhere but generally speaking, no.

Sheashay17: Maybe he doesn't have a type?

Senhor Kook: Never have I ever used my lips in pointing out directions. Like ever.

Kiara Rose: This is jewish propaganda to promote mixing with inferior races like turks,arabs and blacks

Andreia Nagel: Where the hell was India? Why India was left out?

Chltmdwp: He is handsome but he needs to comb his hair, it was driving me crazy. Other than that I liked the video.

GustavTheGoat: My type of woman

Exhaustiv 24: The success of Croatian may have something to do with the speaker.

Laerke MA: They are very loud its like they have worms on their butt and sometimes they act dumb but sometimes they are funny and stupid and loves shopping

Ines Costa: When are going to make an American one

MrKosm1n: This is so true lol. I used to date an Italian as an Half-Italian myself and his whole family had a sort of interrogatory the first diner I took with them. Loved it though

Julia H: WORST ACCENT EVER. can't even pronounce words properly

AKG Acrux: French is the most beautiful and sexiest language then Italian then English and Japanese

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Quotes your ex hookup ugly girl Garvit Dahiya: Me personally, I can relate to anything any Slav says. We all have the same roots and I can relate to some of what the Russians said, to some what Balkan people said.

Ozan Ayten: So, regarding attitude toward cheating, it's more of a problem with a deep-rooted patriarchal society, where a man can do no wrong, from which stem many other problems in a marital life and beyond.

Michel Nadon: Welp i guess im russian

Chris Johns: It's a trilby, not a fedora :/

Zullyan: Thanks for the heads up. I'll stay on the continent.

Arleth Nunez: It's like when you are dating any introvert men. I know this from personal experience (I'm exactly like that. : )

Ivory Glass: She is allways jealous ditch her

Louis Tournay: No bosnia triggeredkskmsmsmsksmsm

Larkfeast: As a Syrian Arab I was waiting to get triggered but i surprisingly didn't , a step in a good direction hope the other side is also taking good steps

Europa Man: Hahahahaa! it's true!

Lolo Trolo: Do Australia next.

Pcarebear1: Necesito un amigo con quien yo puedo practicar lo

You collect comic books? The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey is mourning Dan Humphrey. Game recognizes game, little J. Don't forget out of touch and totally classist. Did you see the Hobbit movie?? Please try later or contact us. Chuck and Miss Serena, I also know you want to get out of the Dodge!


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Sanderson Are ghosts true, or objective all legendary silliness.

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Or just forget her. Chuck may be eccentric, but I doubt he's diabolical.

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  1. Have sex, have lots of sex. Just be safe about it and don't give it up for anybody. Have some dignity.

  2. I hope that someday he will answer for his crimes and that he, and others like him, get banned from YouTube for life.

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Arduino - Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping plank based on manageable, easy-to-use devices and software. They...


Quotes your ex hookup ugly girl

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your ex-boyfriend/hookup buddy/virginity-taker/what-have-you end up When your ex dates someone uglier than you, you enter a spiral of self-doubt and suspicion. and girls who have been in...