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Gabriel Mora: Italy ha one of The lowest divorce rate in The world 'cause The catholic Faith is really strong here so People tend To forgive if You cheat once, They Will Say it's human nature To cheat, But There are also People Who do Not forgive And divorce.

Agustina: One more thing. Russian women take no shit. They are strong girls. I never dated a Russian but I was friends with one when she was in America as a international student.

Joy Bhati: I'm from Germany and I agree totaly. German Woman are realy like that.

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RUIWAN MA: I'm moving to germany next year. Hoping to find a sexy german boyfriend like the one in this video. Btw, he doesn't look very stereotipically german, does he?

Skeleton: Nice video on Italian men. Boy those guys are charming and easily have a woman under their arms and be swayed into doing it.

Ximena Medina: Am I the only one, that thinks that french man are not attractive? I prefer russian. well, my boyfriend is russian. xD

BLOG FDFA: I'm not even Eastern European (Irish and French genes but people think I look Russian or Polish lol.

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Indian desi hot pics


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Susana Bento: This is hilarious!

Rey RГ­o: Over 65 people are asian guys with a green fever (envy)

Dialiciouss: What an Euro-trash vid.

Piridash 93: I genuinely love the irish accent

S. Calabrese: That English guy is Indian, why can't they find a real English person?

Don't Worry: Us brazilians talk like we were singing. Unlike americans and othee languages that remain in one note when then talk (sounds like a robot to me)

Busytoad: Where's the courting?

Waxwaine: This Indian guy who I talked to all night on friday wouldn't even let me treat him to a single shot until I made him (I just ordered and payed without him noticing).

Nandi Covers: At que divino. esta hermoso ese Italiano! Love the way they are!

Andrea Donato: I dislike the whole LGBT theme. Unsubscribing.

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Girls, what would you most like guys to wear?

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Indian desi hot pics

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