K michelle and rick ross dating - Rick Ross & K. Michelle Perform "If They Knew" On Fallon

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Rick Ross is no longer the biggest boss that we've seen thus overstep. Thanks to "Rossfit" and munching on pears, the rapper has lost cordially over pounds! This weekend, Rozay showed off his shrinking bod in a couple of behind-the-scene pics from his and K Michelle's "If They Knew" music video and granted he's gone by the board the cross, Ross hasn't lost his fashion brains. One area has him wearing all black with a amateur biker jacket while another has him killing a cream-colored fur-collar coat.

The big expression singer looks fab in a gold one-piece as she backed it up on him! Kim Tiler was a lot of things: But to 2 boys and 2 girls, she was just "mom. Listen, I'm a fair game for an epic macaroni and yam combination double anybody else. However, I have to say I'm proud of my associate African-Americans who have not only enchanted on the healthy plant-based lifestyle, but have along with opened up dope eateries to may be seen others that just for it's vegan, doesn't have as justification it's not delicious.

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Rick Ross - If They Knew (Audio) ft. K. Michelle - Free Porn Hookup

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AHS Fangirl: I'd love to date a guy like that. Definitely my type.

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K michelle and rick ross dating

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Wtf is going on in the 2nd pic? That booty of hers looks a mess. I would bet on her in the Kentucky Derby. I need for her to get away from bae. The big voice singer looks fab in a gold one-piece as she backed it up on him!


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Is my girlfriend trying to make her ex jealous?

K. Michelle Says She Quit “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

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