Pub and bar in bangalore dating - 11 Places In Bangalore For An Awesome Ladies Night For Guys

There's no dearth of pubs in Bangalore. The swaying music and laidback ambience add to the experience when you are in...

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  • Pubs in the Koramangala and Indiranagar are more 'hip' these days. If you can...
  • There's no dearth of pubs in Bangalore. The swaying music and laidback ambience add to the experience when...
  • Youngsters constitute a major portion of this pub city's demography. Hence, it is no surprise that pubs...
  • Upcoming events - LOL Speed Dating Whitefield BLR 17/ A list of 11 best party places...

Friday evening already and no plans made? Bangalore can advance you plenty of options. Cray Cray Karaoke Nights authorize you smile all night source. Client-favourites here include rocket beer, wheat beer, stout, salsa, nachos, pork chops, and brownie. They further have a shapely bar serving up a large miscellany of cocktails and mocktails. The Biere Club also offers outdoor seating and valet parking. Their craft beers are not to be missed source.

If a trip to this Brigade Parkway pub is on the cards, we suggest making a reservation or getting there early. Tinker with Bar, Indiranagar provenance. Known for a wide variety of cocktails and burgers, Monkey Bar is one of the busiest hang-out spots in Indiranagar. The staff is super-friendly and quick to get your orders. Pecos Stones, Indiranagar source.

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If you are a music lover of any sort, be here. Nature and Wildlife in Bangalore. Dim yellow lighting and bamboo shoots and with an aromatic train of mist all over, you will be overwhelmed with this place. Relax Stay at Orange County in Coorg. Unknown 10 January at If you are a rock fan, you'll admire this place.


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Pub and bar in bangalore dating

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Also, the smoking area {the space outside the restaurant on the street!}, They serve up amazing craft beers at their massive bar space, which. i-Bar. A favourite...