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Why do they hate us? It is from love that we proclaim the good news that Jesus Christ can set the captive free.

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Chirag Agarwal believes more in the LGBT community should come out, as times change, to show fellow Singaporeans that they share the same fears, dreams and aspirations. Australia recently legalised same-sex marriage in what was a historic moment for the country. While in some parts, the world is tottering towards increased protection of gay rights, in others, frustratingly, the community is still oppressed.

Growing up in a conservative country and a religious family, I did not consider equality regardless of sexual orientation as a fundamental human right. In fact, even up until the time I left Singapore as a working adult, I did not have a single friend who I knew to be homosexual.

It was easy to be apathetic about something that I only understood to exist in theory. Things changed when I moved to Melbourne and made my first openly gay friend. At the same time, a robust intellectual debate on marriage equality was playing out in the media.

Around that time, a close friend from Singapore revealed that she was in a same-sex relationship. The answer seemed obvious:

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M athew Shurka was 16 when he sat down with his father and told him he was gay.

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I latterly spoke at a community college in Southern California, demonstrating that confidence and scholarship are not at odds. In posts paramount up to the end, I was labeled a "hate pastor" as LGBT activists protested the happening. Lamentably, merited to escalating campus protests beyond America, a swarm of sheriff deputies were on sympathizer. My better half and I were perplexed—when did a dope of guy fit a word of hate? When my ball approached them, she was attacked verbally—from language to progenitive innuendos.

That knowledge, as successfully as an upcoming looks on Fox Information. Net Spirit-filled delight delivered promptly to your inbox! Browse here to subscribe to our newsletter. Indulgence "tolerates" differences; angel embraces regardless of differences.

Homosexual-Turned-Pastor: What Gay Activists Refuse to Understand About My Ministry — Charisma News

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Justice at its best is love, correcting everything that stands against love. How modern banking practices risk another global financial crisis. His new religion is activism. For decades, gay activists have deliberately misrepresented therapy and ministry that has been designed to help those who wish to leave the gay lifestyle. Children injured in this way, of their own volition, cannot even get help, even with the consent of their parents.

In a moment I am going to speak very plainly and straightforward about homosexuality. As a preacher, I have a great responsibility before God to speak the truth in love—to convince, rebuke and exhort with all longsuffering and teaching 2 Tim.

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Charisma news homosexuality statistics

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