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Ha publicado Voices and agencies in Andean rural little ones women's education: October 12, ; accepted for publishing: This qualitative study describes the voices and agencialities of female rural Andean students enrolled in flying school. Also analyzed are the actions they are taking to change their existing situation.

The post-structural approach and theories of resistance, voice and aptitude inform the literature rehash and analysis of the study, which describes the many educational and sociocultural obstacles the young women face: The results showing that despite of all obstacles, these women induce a firm determination to seek a different subsequent, rather than live tipsy the oppressive patriarchal recur their mothers and female relatives have endured.

Lexicon teachers, higher education, information experiences, qualitative research. Teeth of the fact that Peru has expanded educational opportunities during the last two decades, its basic pedagogical system faces problems of poor-quality instruction, lack of equity, weak administration, not enough financing, and inadequate infrastructure. The proportion of students attending school is less high compared to other Latin American countries.

In whatever way, the achievement level of those who graduate is low. Important factors contributing to this low property of education include:

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Lacan y la joven homosexual advance

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She produces paintings with a celebratory spirit of vindication, works that manage to capture the effervescence of the eighties.

Domicile intertextuality in the classroom: By Julio Uribe Ugalde. This article proposes a method to bridge the gap between readers and texts by using literary and non-literary resources as an approach to intertextuality. Intertextuality, Poe, Music, Tube, Literature. Translating the Metrics of Graciela Huinao: Declaration the Authentic Voice Within.

This article discusses the translation of literary works by contemporary Latin American women, specifically the versification of Graciela Huinao, a Mapuche-Williche writer from Southern Chile. Given the opportunities for travel and the development of technology such as the Internet, translators today have many ways to interact with writers in order to delve deeper into the transmogrification of their texts.

Buell y las ideas sobre el territorio trabajadas desde el movimiento autonomista mapuche. The Image Keeps Talking: This essay interrogates the colonial visual archive of the Mapuche people as a decolonial exercise.

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