Democracy vs republic yahoo dating - Republican and Democratic Approaches to Regulating the Economy

In June journalist Shi Tao and a number of unnamed plaintiffs joined the lawsuit. Wang was found guilty on the basis of essays advocating democratic reform and multi-party...

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I'm not sure what America's form of government is anymore but, it is definitely not a democracy. A Democracy provides every legal citizen of a certain age with the free and equal right to participate in a system of government that elects representatives of the people by the majority of the people, who promise to do the will of the people. The Electoral College, gerrymandering, photo IDs and other voter suppression tactics are just some of the practices that keep America from being a democracy.

Gore, the Supreme Court gave the election to Bush even though Gore received more than a half million more popular votes. When the person receiving the most votes isn't the winner of the election, then that country is not a democracy. A Republic is a form of government in which power resides with the people, and the government is ruled by elected leaders who govern according to laws designed to help citizens.

If we believe this definition, then we are not a Republic because our elected leaders no longer rule by law or by what their constituents want. Instead, our officials rule by the wishes of corporations and billionaires. An Oligarchy is a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. Some American politicians seem to want this form of government.

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, the United States became a country where money replaced free speech and corporations replaced people. Today, average people have less rights and less control over their government.

Sometimes they seem far apart, sometimes their philosophies seem rather similar.


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Democracy vs republic yahoo dating

What is America? A Republic? A Democracy? An Oligarchy? A Plutocracy? A Theocracy? | HuffPost

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Democracy vs republic yahoo dating

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Here is an overview of the Democratic and Republican approaches to economic issues. Learn about the role in government in the economy. On 1 February a Yahoo! shareholder and...