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The term Sexy Jokes is used to describe various jokes, prose, poems, black comedy and skits that deal with topics that are considered to be sexy taste or vulgar. It...

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Snkhuong: I loved the video a lot , you guys have a great sense of humor ! keep cranking them out , you could do skits on everyday life, jobs, children, school.thanks !

Lucia SJM: You choose a bit bad the people that spoke the european portuguese, they were a bit out of the character (the sexy character and they had an accent that its not the typical portuguese accent but ok its true that brazil is more sexy in the end

Joyce Bonilla: To the people saying you can get by in france speaking only english and you will have a hard time, my advice is dont go to japan or korea lol!

Marina Angeli: Nobody talked how beautiful that girl is.

Zombie Killa: Do Hungarian pls

Flisterdini: Woman mostly tolerate it men don't . Country : kuwait

Roko567: The last one I didn't understand please someone explains meeee

Biltongboi: Dominican was. idek just so nice to hear.

Ryan Westwood: Sadly I was so surprised and shy because of inexperience wish I had handled that one better! German women are great! ;)

Lone Wolf0706: Filipinos can be loud too xD

Jari Zwaan: What about dating a Hawaiian girl.

Swizaswaz: These videos are so stereotypical /judgmental. just dont have any preconceived notions of who you are going to date. Judging someone from their nationality and race reflects one's narrow mindedness. I have a Puerto Rican girlfriend and she mentioned none of these stereotypes match to who I am.

R Project: Do a part 2, and then part 3, and then part 4 (never stop really of this, please, best accents ever

Ashlynn: Hi, can you guys do a You Know You are Dating a PORTUGUESE Man?

NEAL 98: First of all the golden rule of all professional research on this field: If you want the truth, make it anonymous. If you show a guys face on youtube, there is no chance that he will say what he really thinks. So, I'm sorry to say, but this vid is useless.

Tazy Scrat: I'm from Switzerland and my mother tongue is French and that was horrible, my parents are Portuguese and I live in in Portugal now and that Portuguese was miserable. Wtf guys

Jamie Hu: Some of the men here are gay they can be aroused if they're gay and the speaker is a woman.

Junior Dias: My dad is acting like Nigerian

Eleha.belinga: I'm half Afghan and half Russian I'm tired of everyone saying

Angy Moreno: Why are so many german woman so ugly.

Cakesoncups: I didn't know where the next girl was from, but it's still Spanish, right?

Tarot Teacups: Spanish is definitely NOT a nice language for ladies.

Sherry Chen: Fucking bulgaria those guys are 9-19 slavic they are tatars norway is more slavic then them witch is 30%.

Luciaarndt: Do mainland indian girls like black men ?

Biwi vo hoti hai jo shaadi ke baad apne pati ki sari aadto ko badal deti hai aur fir kehti hai.. G kyon bolti hai? Biwia sabhya hoti hai, bhare bazar mein Abe Gadhe A.

G kehna dirty lagta na, iss liye A. G bol ke kaam chala leti hain. Sorry, mein aap ko koi job nahi de sakta. Mere pas tum ko dene ke liye koi kaam nahi hai. Oh sir ji, aap chinta na karo, bas just ko job de do. Mein aap se kaam dene ke liye kabhi nahi kahunga. Mein tumare sath shaadi nahi kar sakta. Ghar wale nahi maan rahe.

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Hot sexy jokes in urdu

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URDU Sexy Jokes. Definition of Aur pher uski bibi ne jawab diya, Darling mein vi Hot tum vi hot sayad “Bachcha Jal gaya...