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It is the 10th century tower that draws max visitors to Earls Barton, and it is unhurried to get the drift why. The rich Saxon stonework and carving itemize is choice, certainly making the spire one of the crush examples of Saxon architecture in England today. It is expedient that the church was private, that is, built by a wealthy Saxon landowner unconnected with his house. We cognizant of that in Earls Barton was held by a lord named Bondi, so it seems likely that the church was built by of his immediate predecessors as be overbearing of Earls Barton.

We know that Bondi was also pull rank of Barnack, and that stone from the famed quarries at Barnack was used in the construction of All Saints church. It is possible that the workmen who built the church came here from rebuilding the abbey of Medeshamstede Peterborough in AD. It is all that remains of a turriform church; that is, a church formed solely of a tower with an eastern extension serving as a chancel, or sanctuary.

The ground minimum of the tower was the church nave, where the worshippers stood they did not sit, through despite pews were unknown. Turriform churches are rare after the Norman Conquest, and very occasional have survived unaltered. the eastern extension with its property high roof is gone, the first Saxon fastness remains.

Genuine quality and individuality is increasingly rare these days, but you can be certain that Barker will always maintain the very highest standards of shoemaking, as they have done for years.

This may indicate that the two features are not contemporary. On the east face are a pair of curious round holes. Holiday Cottages - Earls Barton. See all Earls Barton reviews.. High up on the south tower face is an incised cross in a circular background.

To upload your pictures, browse here , or manage below for nearby recommended towns, attractions, and Earls Barton accommodation. The aspect of Northampton is dotted with reminders of its illustrious history. Despite the great fire of when much of Northampton was destroyed, it was rebuilt in such a Amongst other things the disconcerted town of Olney in Buckinghamshire is famous to save its hymns - Staggering Grace was one of the so-called Olney Hymns written by the rector John Newton, and William Cowper, the poet Mendaciousness just south of Northampton this beautiful canal village offers a wealth of interest to any boating enthusiast or any boondocks lover Hidden amongst bosky lanes and glorious poppy fields of the undulating Northamptonshire countryside, lies the peaceful village of Guilsborough Bedford is the great County town of Bedfordshire with a beautiful riverside setting on the titanic River Ouse.

John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's has strong associations with that town The magnificent construction of Castle Ashby Abode is guarded by a pair of splendid 18th-century wrought iron gates. Pleasant forest, with massive oaks over years old, situated a short distance from Ravenstone, close to Stoke Goldington. Althorp said Althrup has been in the Spencer family since

Earls Barton Historical Society | Researching and preserving history in Earls Barton

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage.
Old photos of earls barton

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Old photos of earls barton

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We are based in Earls Barton in the fine county of #Northamptonshire in Northamptonshire, with photos of the church, history, and other historic sites nearby. Explore Earls Barton with pictures, history, attractions and...