How to break the ice with a guy - How to Break the Ice with a Guy

Breaking the ice is important in many situations and will lead to more productive, more comfortable conversations. No matter what ice you're trying...

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Now, you want to talk to this guy so bad, but what can you do? I mean, he has to come to you, he must have seen you throwing eyes at him. Rather than bluntly showing your interest straight away, get him to help you out with something.

Showing interest and putting yourself out there can be scary. On the contrary, any small request should work. The story writes itself! It's way easier than pretty much giving up your power, so to say, and putting yourself completely out there! If you're lacking ideas, here are questions to ask a guy. Keep it light and easy.

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NeiiFrost: Props to your cast, too! They're a ton of fun to watch. :)

Jule Г–mer: The dude pays.


SlovesL: I want a German guy. :(

Dreamer: What french was that. lmao

Soep Poes: Just I think that about the religious beliefs it is better speak before dating than during dating.

Schermination: Physically attracted to she's got attitude, she's got confidence ok, just ignore her massive tits

Zoheb Bilal: Is the snack thing true

Iris 20: Jebem mame svima. Greets from Serbia

Miss Divyani: Boy I guess German is off the scale .

Rapslayer7: Estar con una francesa es una locura

Adam Yves: You put Ukraine and Russia in the same room, I see what you did there.

Twee Pixie: Eh? Eh? You have a pet polar bear, don't lie. I expected you to look like those Indians, you know with the feathers?

DayuPra: Wow I'm from Portugal and I understood literally 0 of what the person speaking portuguese was saying. I couldn't even recognize what language it was. (at 50)


Did your new partner previously work in a different industry? Always, always, always do your research before going into any business meeting, whether it's with one person or three hundred. If you're not a pop culture or sports person, this can feel like a burden, but the fact is that pop culture is by definition pretty much the lowest common denominator.

For ice breaking with larger groups, pass a bowl of Skittle or other colorful small candy around the room. Comment on their name.

How to break the ice with a guy

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