Redating of the sphinx - Redating the Sphinx

Hawass, reflects a certain level of contempt for the research. But you also need to look at it from another...

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  • The Sphinx water erosion hypothesis is a fringe claim contending that the main...
  • Redating the Sphinx: References and Links for Further Study. I am indebted...
  • Robert M. Schoch Original paper on geological findings of redating the Sphinx...


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Redating of the sphinx

The current standard attribution of the Great Sphinx and its associated temples to Khafre seems to be based on four major pieces of evidence: A reasonable hypothesis is that when Khafre repaired and refurbished the Great Sphinx and its associated temples in ca. American Egyptologist Mark Lehner 'Computer rebuilds the Ancient Sphinx," National Geographic [April ], has done work on restoring the battered face of the Great Sphinx, but his effort has not necessarily shed any light on what the face of the Sphinx originally looked like.

When the moisture dries the salt crystallises, and the expanding crystals cause a fine layer of surface limestone to flake off. Schwaller de Lubicz , a French mystic [3] [4] and alternative Egyptologist, first claimed evidence of water erosion on the walls of the Sphinx enclosure in the s.

Seismic lines taken in front of and along the body of the sculpture on either side-east seismic line S4 , north seismic line S1 and south seismic line S2 of the monument-indicate that below the surface the limestone is weathered up to a depth of six to eight feet 1.

Is it a lack of interest?

In October of , Domingo traveled to Egypt with the express purpose of measuring and examining the surviving facial features of the Sphinx and the statues known to portray Khafre. For a reconstruction of how Stonehenge could have been built, see R. A small temple, the "Sphinx Temple," stands in front of the monument. Mainstream Egyptologists reacted with total disbelief when it was proposed that the famous Sphinx was much older than the 4th Dynasty. In places the walls of the Sphinx enclosure exhibit over a meter 3.

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The Sphinx water erosion hypothesis is a fringe claim contending that the main type of weathering evident on the enclosure walls of the Great Sphinx was caused by prolonged and extensive rainfall [1] that would have predated the time of Djedefre and Khafre , the Pharaohs credited by most modern Egyptologists with building the Great Sphinx and Second Pyramid at Giza around BC.

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Redating of the sphinx

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Redating the Sphinx. saved from The following is a re-edited version of my report to the World History Association . Be sure follow The Daily Grail on Facebook and on Twitter for...