Shes dating the gangster trailer songs - She's Dating The Gangster: The Trailer In GIFs and Emojis

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Do you think chemistry between two people ever goes away?

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ServeGod33: I may or not have slit my wrist when I heard Japanese even though it's Chinese. 040

Congoclash: How to NOT date Brazil, PLEEEEASEEE

Matheus Sousa: Everyone was so quiet! when I speak Spanish I literally yell

Rodrigo Motta: Russian and Ukranian sound poetic af.

Touseigusoku: Srly? Man pays. Always. (Rus)

Goku Ssjgssj4: I cant stop looking at that nip, boyz.

JohnnyDebt: Why do Brazilian flags look exactly like Russian flags

RonsaRRR: He's not from Compton.

Carmen Gomez: I mean, PDA does exist and I wouldn't like making out in the situations in the video but we do care less about it than americans

Rafaela Paiva: Hungary next, please!

Ceritajuni: So you can make out chicks at parties but no kisses in Fikas? I had Swedish friends they were gorgeous! Very good kissers.

Longshots: Keep going, from Portugal


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Princess and I — All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending-unwillingly at that-to be his girlfriend to make his ex jealous.

O Isqueiro: Today I had my first lesson in Spanish and then I came home and saw this video was uploaded. Lets hope thats a sign. We love you from Greece.

Forista Bardo: Yeah Bro . I'm a filipino . I love your video!

David F: No wonder Japan has severe problems with reproduction.

Alex Matias: So, for us under-traveling yanks, this fellow is speaking in catalan or castillian spanish or both or neither?

Hxxx Kxxx: La france n est pas le pays du putain de feminizeum comme dit la pute ou devrai je dire feminazie

Matt Kless: The last one is like the girl that has a crush on me in orange . So my pick

TheBeggies95: Damn we danish women get hate

Neptune: Los Angeles is a horrible place to date.

King Kazma: The people who TRIED ! to speak french speak really bad I AM FRENCH !(me)

DeniseFer: James Bond :3

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Shes dating the gangster trailer songs

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How important is confidence when trying to attract women?

Episode 8.

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  1. Third, are you actually gonna get dressed for a video or is it pajamas all day every day?

  2. Like she wouldn't call a girl slut if the girl would grab her boyfriend. Seriously. That's dumb

  3. Hey guy, I heard you like science. Here's most of the relevant scientists in Europe saying that there's no medical justification for circumcision:

  4. lacigreen, if it weren't for people like you this world would be the planetary equivalent of shit.

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