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The whole point of networking is built on the premise of increasing your network, which should in turn, impact your net worth. In comes a new movement, borne...

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He also founded The Hookup Dinner, a social networking movement that connects entrepreneurs across the country. My background is about bringing people together. The concept, which takes on a dynamic, yet relaxed and informal dinner format, was brought to life in and has since evolved into a market place where organisations find entrepreneurs with whom to partner in their economic empowerment programmes. Callers on the open line discuss class appropriation by musicians and music genres.

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has responded to criticism that he could have handled the 'cow heads' matter differently. The importance of consultations between employers and employees during retrenchments. Mashaba posted a picture of a man pushing a trolly full of cow heads saying that he had him arrested for an "illegal act".

In the Current Affairs segment, satirical comedian Coconut Kelz chats about the real reason behind Malusi Gigaba's resignation. In the parenting feature, creative parenting expert, Nikki Bush chats about the right age to give your child a cellphone. Khabazela shares some of the most popular tweets, posts, and videos on 'What's gone Viral'.

What does being in love feel like?

Matt, thanks as a remedy for reaching out.

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The Hookup Dinner - Mark Williams, Part 1 - Date Hookup

All I see is the suffering of people…". Find out more YouTube: Hello, I found this information for you: Mashaba apologises for using Ebola as scare tactic in 'cow heads' saga 15 November The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield. It suggests better resourced white start-up founders who often have access to more capital, skills and experience and better networks are able to out-perform black startups.

Lessons from three young black South African women on how they have turned an idea into a profitable business.

The hookup dinner

Venue: Alpensia Sea water Park. Venue: Gwacheon Governmental Sphere Museum.

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The hookup dinner

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Community. Be part of the THUD experience and get inspired from innovative entrepreneurs. Also network and connect with our featured guests. Hookup. A networking community of entrepreneurs with ideas to change...