Weird marriage traditions - 42 Facts About Strange Marriage Customs From Around The World

Marriage traditions, much like other traditions, not only differ from places to places across the globe but can also stun you with its absurdity. Different couples decide to make their...

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  • Each culture has its own traditions and ceremonies to celebrate the joining of two people in love and matrimony,...
  • 10 Strange Wedding Traditions | HowStuffWorks
  • Top ten weird and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world. January Weddings may be...
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Forget about the black market for a second. Instead of holding the knife together to slice a wedding cake, couples in Chinese Inner Mongolia have a slightly less appealing tradition: To follow the tradition, the bride must dance until her crown falls off. We also have a Loyal Contributor Program, where our beloved users can create content for Factinate in a Word Document format. Someone will die to go to this party.

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In Korea, after the ceremony takes place, friends of the groom bind his ankles, remove his shoes and beat the soles of his feet with dried yellow corvina fish. When we do, we depend on our loyal, helpful readers to point out how we can do better. It symbolised that the couple was moving forward in their new lives. How does this work?

Instead of holding the knife together to slice a wedding cake, couples in Chinese Inner Mongolia have a slightly less appealing tradition:

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Weird marriage traditions

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While some decide to make it quirky, there are others who stick to a traditional wedding. So, are their stories interesting too? While we can't bet....